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Cricket Bats

Hit your targets to great heights this year!

With a variety of cricket bats available online at VKS – you now have the opportunity to aim for success. Whether you are looking to begin your steps to greatness, or enhancing your skills, you can always rely on our selection of bats to achieve your aim.

Choose from a wide variety of equipment, each uniquely crafted by the finest hands and created by the finest woods from around the world. Each finely crafted batting equipment is sourced only from the best brands all over the world.

With brands like Kookaburra, Adidas, Gray Nicolls, Puma, Spartan and other winning brands, you can now choose your very own partner to success.


  •  Gray Nicolls Cricket Bats

    Gray Nicolls Cricket Bats

    One of the finest bat makers in the world, Gray Nicolls cricket bats are have been used by the worlds top international batsmen for decades. Innovative designs, coupled with the Gray Nicolls logo make the Grays range infamous all around the world.

  • Coming Soon

    MRF Cricket Bats

  •  Ton Cricket Bats

    Ton Cricket Bats

    Sareen Sports (SS) make some of the finest bats in the world. As used by numerous international stars all over the world the TON range has a bat for all types of players and all budgets. Whether its the Rampage, Legacy or Reserve Edition, these bats perform to the max.

  •  GM Cricket Bats

    GM Cricket Bats

    Made in England using the latest design tecniques and innovative processes GM cricket bats are a work of art from the moment the raw willow arrives at the factory to when the final sticker is placed on the bat.

  •  Kookaburra Cricket Bats

    Kookaburra Cricket Bats

    Used by international stars all around the world, the Kookaburra cricket bats range includes the Kahuna, Verve. Cadejo and Instinct. Ranges for junior and seniors in all price ranges.

  •  Spartan Cricket Bats

    Spartan Cricket Bats

    Spartan cricket bats are used by some of the worlds best batsmen, including MS Dhoni, Michael Clark and Chris Gayle. Powerful profiles, excellent pick up and top quality willow grades make Spartan a firm favourite with our customers.

  •  Adidas Cricket Bats

    Adidas Cricket Bats

    Used by Sachin Tendulkar for many years and now by the likes of Rohit Sharma, Kevin Pietersen to name just a few. Adidas cricket bats are available for both seniors and juniors.

  •  New Balance Cricket Bats

    New Balance Cricket Bats

    The TC and DC cricket bat ranges from New Balance, one of the most exciting new brands to hit the cricket equipment market. Used by some of the world's top players.

  •  Newbery Cricket Bats

    Newbery Cricket Bats

    Newbery cricket bats with so much tradition are now one of the most innovative brands around. The Kudos and Kudos 2, the Panace, 7Even and Mjolnir ranges, there is something for everyone.

  •  SF Cricket Bats

    SF Cricket Bats

    Hand made using some of the finest willow clefts available and specially selected for VKS. SF Stanford Cricket bats are known for their imposing profiles and lightweight pick up.

  •  Hunts County Cricket Bats

    Hunts County Cricket Bats

    Made in England to our exact specs, the Hunts County cricket bats stockes by us are unique as they have been design and shaped exclusively for us.

  •  Salix Cricket Bats

    Salix Cricket Bats

    Salix cricket bats are designed and made in England by Andrew Kember. Clean metallic detaling show of bats that have a traditiional look with the profiles wanted by todays modern batsmen. The Pod and SLX are models are some of the most desired bats on our shelves.

  •  Puma Cricket Bats

    Puma Cricket Bats

    - Used by many of the worlds best players over the years, Puma cricket bats offer power, balance and good looks. Originally made famous by Adam Gilchrist the Puma brand is still used by some of the worlds most attacking batsmen.

  •  Bradbury Cricket Bats

    Bradbury Cricket Bats

    Handmade by Paul Bradbury in Australia, the Bradbury range of cricket bats have a traditional look, with a modern day profile.

Each cricket bat in our range of batting equipment is been honed and crafted under the eye of the best experts.

In selecting a choice from this range, you will be in possession of only the best batting equipment from around the world. Each bat has been created from a unique combination of wood and incorporating unique dynamics, thus allowing you to create a performance that is worthy of great wonder and legacy.

Take each footstep to greatness by choosing only the best out of our range of cricket bats. With its unique combination of power, control and flexibility, you can hit each stroke to great heights.

Crafted only for perfection and long lastingness, you can sit back and relax, knowing that each shot you take, will bring you one more step to glory. 

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